Thursday, January 15, 2009

Why having a raving lunatic in your locker room is a bad idea

Well, first Bill Romanowski simply wanted to coach the Denver Broncos. He even went so far as to prepare a 30-page PowerPoint presentation for owner Pat Bowlen. But Bowlen, in a fit of sanity, went with one of the Jonas Brothers ... er, Patriots assistant Josh McDaniels as his head coach pick.

So what does Romo want to do now? Mix energy shakes for Broncos players.

"I'm going to profess my vision on how to better take care of the athletes," Romanowski said Thursday in an interview from the Bay Area.

On the list of "Really Shitty People To Intentionally Put Around Your Players," I think Bill Romanowski is pretty damn close to No. 1. We're talking about a guy who:

* Spit in the face of 49ers receiver J.J. Stokes.

* Kicked Cardinals fullback Larry Centers in the head.

* Beat the living fuck out of Raiders TEAMMATE Marcus Williams during a training-camp scuffle, ending Williams' career.

* Tested positive for the designer steroid THG during his playing career.

Now, I'm certainly not suggesting that dirty shit like the first three items on this list are extinct from the NFL, or that steroid use is either. But come on. The guy has a reputation as a grade-A nutcase, and why on earth would anyone put this lightning rod in the middle of a locker room that is likely full of guys looking for that little extra edge?

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