Sunday, January 25, 2009

Apparently the NHL All-Star Game is today

Did I miss something here? Has the NHL become so irrelevant that I -- someone who considers himself at least somewhat in the know regarding when certain athletic contests are -- had absolutely NO IDEA that the All-Star Game was tonight until I arrived at work?

Sadly, yes.

Next thing you know, someone will tell me the Super Bowl is in a week.


  1. its hard to take seriously an All-Game where the 3rd (as of now...they will probably be number 1 by the ens of the season) best team in the NHL had literally zero representatives in the game, Lidstrom and Datsyuk both bowed out...and to be honest I don't blame them. Nik Lidstrom so have automatic starter amnesty in the All-Star game, and Datsyuk should have been starting as well. (if you don't know who this is by are a retard and have been barred from using the interwebz.) Or Hossa or mean to tell me that one of the 5 best teams in the NHL gets two players to play for them in the All Star game and now starters...and how about the NBA...Allen Iverson gets a starting guard spot???really? over Nelson or (ugh) Rondo...All-Star games are for tards...and if I was being honest I would rather watch two blond midgets try to beat each other with foam mallets...actually I would rather watch that over the superbowl I think lol

  2. Yes, All-Star games are, generally speaking, irrelevant. I hate when people use them as benchmarks of a player's career success, or refer to them as if they mean anything. I can't stand that baseball has attached such artificial meaning to the All-Star game, giving home-field to the league that wins (it should be based on aggregate interleague record, imho). But they're supposed to be spectacles, and honestly, I think the fact that the NHL All-Star game flew under the radar for so many speaks more to the fact that the NHL is a completely irrelevant league, rather than the fact that there weren't any Red Wings playing.

    I second your comment on the midgets and the foam mallets.

  3. thats very true about the The All-Star game...but at least in other sports players from the best teams actually play...not having players from last years champions (and a very good candidate to repeat) is the only reason I didn't watch (well did bother knowing...I still wouldn't have watch me thinks)...and I am using the wings as a general choice here...this happens all the times and makes the games unrecognizable. The only thing that saves the NBA All-Star game is the Dunk Contest...otherwise that would fly under the radar too I would think. The Pro Bowl in my opinion is set up the best to's the week AFTER the champion shiip game, so fans KNOW when it is...and even though they most likely wont watch...they know it's there and they know it is completely and totally is retarded...they are Timmy from south park, thank you Bud Selig.

  4. The Pro Bowl is set up the best to succeed? Are you fucking kidding me? If your team goes deep in the playoffs, chances are you're not going to play in the Pro Bowl. It's the week after the Super Bowl, when everyone is pretty much footballed-out (they're moving it to the off week between the conference championship games and the SB next year, btw). If anything, the Pro Bowl is the WORST of all the all-star contests.

  5. I didn't say the NFL all star game was the best...I said it's set up the best. Players not playing in the All star game is a problem in Hockey as well...not sure how the NBA does not have this problem...and Baseball put actual meaning in its game. But, I think that putting it during the off week is an even better idea...although the players playing in the big game who get selected to the game most likely (if I were them) wont play...and being "footballed" out is not the NFL's problem it's that All Star games are meaningless and trivial. IMO the best thing to do is to eliminate the games altogether (not happening...they generate a ton of revenue) and just do a collegeesk "All Pro" team...where the player gets the title (not fan many tards out there) but no game. Like I said the only thing that makes the NBA All-Star game is the Dunk Contest...otherwise it would be as irrelevant as the NHL and NFL.