Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday Evening Quarterback

Some thoughts on Supe 43:

1. The Cardinals hung in a lot better than I expected: I thought the pick-six by James Harrison was it for the Cards. Rather than being up 14-10, they were down 17-7. And, at that point, one more Steelers TD early in the third quarter would have been the dagger. But they tightened up on defense (until the end) and got back in it. Kudos to Ken Whisenhunt's crew for showing the testicular fortitude not to let the game get away from them.

2. The Cardinals have nobody to blame but themselves: I've seen quite a few fans bitching about the officiating. Get the fuck over it. You let the Steelers march right down the field on you when you absolutely had to stop them. Championship teams don't let that happen.

3. Larry Fitzgerald is incredible: He was pretty quiet in the first half, but nobody on the field was better than Fitz in the second half. His second touchdown showed what an impressive athlete he truly is -- once he hit that seam, he was GONE.